Small Business | Digital Marketing Support

The platform dedicated to providing value to our members and the local entrepreneurial community. Membership includes free business support, growth consulting, promotional productions alongside like-minded creatives, cultural influencers, fashion, and entertainment professionals.

Member Introduction


LUX-OUT is a lifestyle network and business-focused members community dedicated to supporting and bringing awareness to the small businesses. The community was formalized to help stabilize our local life, our economy, and the preservation of its local history in the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

LUX-OUT for Commerce ​​

Receive exclusive members-only special offers, local news, invitations. LUX-OUT monthly original productions created to bring impactful awareness to small businesses affected by COVID-19.

Member Privileges 

  • Gateway to Discover local business

  • Gateway for Consumers to discover all things Luxury

  • Consumers get new content daily that can enrich lives

  • Exclusive Offers, Discounts with our free 24/7 concierge

  • Brand Ambassador Opportunities.

LUX-OUT for Business

LUX-OUT provides our community with inspiring promotions that help customers and members make informed decisions. for the stabilization of local life, economy, and the preservation of its culture.

Business Member Privileges

  • Micro-grants available for approved COVID-19 affected business

  • Business Development Consulting  

  • Digital and Social Media Marketing

  • Branding and Content productions

  • Broadcast & Live Experiential Productions

  • Advertising Solutions sponsored by CESV AGENCY.


11,863   Community Members

3,676     Small Business Owners

89,212   Online Subscribers

37          Local Ambassadors 

We customize digital story-based campaigns around experiential productions to enhance our member's public awareness and to build our client's digital footprint.

LUX OUT | Miami 
Business Development Team.


A Division of CESV CAPITAL

Our Vision

After 16 years of success in marketing Mami's top luxury brands. We are excited to launch this influencer-driven media network and production studio with a powerful network of distinguished corporate partners, venues, high-level clients, local establishment, celebrities, models, and online influencers come together.

Our Mission

LUX OUT memberships focus on providing industry-relevant assistance and as well as quality Information online for members and small business owners.

100% of donations are used for micro-grants to small businesses financially impacted restaurants, families, and businesses experience hardships as a direct result of COVID-19.

Proven Promotions & Advertising Track Record - Helping Business Owners Succeed for over 15 Years.