Locals Unite: Small Business Covid-19 Grants

Covid-19 has been especially troublesome for the hospitality and entertainment business, not to mention the decimation of festivals, nightlife, sports events, and many jobs lost.

LUX OUT and CESV Capital (CESV) has launched LOCAL UNITE– a new membership platform to help local restaurants and their employees during this crisis. Now more than ever they need our local resident support, so we are asking all friends to please become a member to advantage of the special deals many are offering.

Lux Out- virtual take out events with live music entertainment broadcast special guest and live stream DJs.

New Take-out Weekly Promotions, Family Style Severings, Affordable Pricings


Exclusive member take out specials for pick up on event day, Then join the conversation, LIVE! streaming and podcast series Consider topics that focus on relevant to dish of the day and relate back to your chef or business. We can also add hashtags (#StandUpMiami #LocalsUnite #CovidStrong #MiamiStrong) throughout our posts to reach more people, and help visitors search for relevant content. A percentage of proceeds LOCALS UNITE take-out virtual party supports LUX OUT core mission:

  • Supporting struggling businesses and create jobs.

  • Proving financial micro-grants for applicants experiencing hardships as a direct result of COVID-19 and in future economic disasters. ​ 

  • Providing food, housing, medical, and legal aid and as well as providing quality Information online. ​

  • Information, & content development and site maintenance 

Thank you for your support

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