Lux Out | 7 Places to Try | May 2020

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

The Rules are simple We list 7 new places each month - You Try 2 send & us the video

As many of our hospitality partners in the restaurant community have turned to delivery and takeout services after mandatory closures of dining rooms, the CESV AGENCY is stimulating demand for those services with the recent LOCAL EATS program.  The program is supported by a comprehensive marketing program to include social and digital strategies, advertising and public relations.  Get on our channel | Become a member today.

  • Membership Levels

  • Promote your social media handle

  • We select winners and offer free stuff Memberships and Donation Help us Send you access to cool things Free COVID-19 Crisis Consulting Video Productions & New Episodes Member Benefits and Rewards Newa Discounts and More Benefits Monthly

List will be release 1st of each month.


  • LOCALS EAT is a platform founded to support local business and individuals distressed by COVID-19

  • A portion of proceeds earned will be donated to applicants through our online platform.

  • Proceeds earned are resources for those financially impacted or applicants experience hardships as a direct result of COVID-19 like events. The program focus on providing Food, Housing, Medical, and legal aid and as well as quality Information online.

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